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Litigation Law Firm Maryland

In the construction business, disputes among the parties involved are commonplace. Sometimes the dispute boils down to a simple claim under a warranty; other times allegations of fraud are made. From the most simple to the most complex, we have been privileged and are proud to represent some of the finest builders in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We have experience in a multitude of areas, including builder warranty claims, mechanic’s liens, construction bonds, and disputes between developers and builders.

If you’re involved in a building or construction dispute, you may need to retain a litigation law firm Maryland businesses and private residents can count on. Such disputes could involve numerous stakeholders across a complex infrastructure project, or may include a few people, such as a landowner and builder. No matter what the context of the situation may be, an unresolved dispute could have a serious impact on further work, quality, delays, costs, and payments.

Brown | Gould | Kiely: A Litigation Law Firm Maryland Trusts

If you’ve been left to deal with an ongoing dispute, which may have led to uncompleted projects, you might be able to take action to resolve such problems with due haste. A litigation law firm in Maryland can assess your case during a free consultation. If we believe your claim is legally applicable to pursue, we will aim to hold the responsible party liable for their actions while protecting your vested interests.

How A Litigation Law Firm Maryland Has to Offer Could Help You

As experienced building and construction litigation lawyers, we understand the complexity and sensitivity of the encompassing issues. In conjunction with a logic-based approach, we strive to analyze all facets of the dispute and utilize specific knowledge to safeguard your interests and objectives. As a respected litigation law firm Maryland residents trust, we are ready to assist our clients in many ways including:

  • Offering advice on key legislation, including concerns  of insolvency
  • Assess whether or not unfair preference claims or voidable transactions are a factor
  • Examine priority disputes with mortgages or other creditors
  • Advise on contractual documentation and arrangements including potential risks

In addition to the aforementioned, our legal team may help you to fight claims which could involve:

  • Defective design issues
  • Defective building or construction products
  • Overbilling or lost labor
  • Delay and disruption
  • Failure to comply with building codes or zoning laws
  • Underestimating costs and expenses
  • Failure to comply with approved plans or specifications
  • Financial damages caused by unreasonable or unaddressed delays
  • Omission or misrepresentation of facts
  • Construction delays and interference
  • Breach of construction or building contracts or warranties
  • Structural deficiencies
  • Construction liens and foreclosure
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Environmental issues

Acknowledging the Statute of Limitations

If you’re involved in a dispute with another individual or entity in relation to building and construction, it may be prudent to contact a litigation law firm Maryland has to offer as soon as possible. In Maryland, and every other state, there are statutes of limitation that must be adhered to. Should this time limit lapse,  you may be ineligible to pursue legal justice.

Contacting Brown | Gould | Kiely: Building and Construction Litigation Lawyers

If you would like further information about our law firm, or building and construction litigation services, you may speak to us during a free and confidential consultation. To schedule your consultation with a litigation law firm Maryland residents trust, please call 301-718-4548.


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